One Gro, Inc.

12.03.2017 – I founded One Gro, Inc., in Oregon in December 2016 and began searching for partners to assist in the development of “just one grow.” Quickly my vision foresaw the market collapse and commoditization of cannabis by October 2017 and quickly scaled up and changed my business model taking on my first partner in February and first outside capital in March.  When I exited One Gro in 2017 to found my new company, Honu Xpress, One Gro had eight OLCC recreational licenses and was the largest farm by number of plants in 2017.

My biggest triumphs of 2017 were going from zero assets with no plants in the ground until June to a autoflower harvest powerhouse by the end of summer. I also designed and oversaw construction of a 60,000 cubic foot drying barn with 80,000 cfm of HVAC, making it one of the largest and most efficient flash drying facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

I also am the discover of the world’s only patent-pending whole plant THC inhaler, having discovered the patent in 2016 and negotiating the Oregon rights in early 2017, which ultimately lead to the worldwide rights (minus Canada and Australia).  This became the focus of One Gro despite the scale and size of the plant operations. When I exited One Gro in 2017 the inhaler was in nearly 100 stores.